TechQuest Club joins
in the move towards a
digital nation.

“It takes an empowered village to raise a child in the digital age”: We are building community capacity to drive sustainable learning impact across Africa, instilling digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation.

Provide education technology content, resources & tools

Inspire the next generation of builders

Build a Digital Nation

Why you should join us

We are exposing and equipping the next generation of builders

Personal Growth and Development

Develop your skills through our trainings and volunteer development programs. Learn to organize and facilitate programs in your community.

Join the Community of Learners

Volunteering to be a part of the TechQuest family gives you access to people from different backgrounds, especially as your work in teams.

Perks, acknowledgement & Awards

We provide perks from time to time like swag and refreshment, we sing the praises of our volunteers and acknowledge great work done.

Be a part of the change

The change we need in Nigeria and Africa can only be acualized when we make efforts today to prepare for the future...and we have fun doing it.

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